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Jon Banks


Jon Banks

Jon Banks is a multi-instrumentalist and musicologist with a wide range of musical skills and activities. Besides his abilities as a pianist and accordionist, he plays the harp, the Middle Eastern santur and qanun, the guitar, the mediaeval gittern and the tuba.

Jon’s particular specialities include the music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. He has toured and recorded with groups such as the Dufay Collective, Joglaresa, Red Byrd, the Jocelyn Pook Ensemble and Mawwal. He is a member of the famous Jewish ensemble the Burning Bush, with which he has performed and broadcast extensively.

Jon has recently appeared in several productions at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, including Measure for Measure, Anthony and Cleopatra, Under the Black Flag and Liberty, and during 2009 he will be playing in Troilus and Cressida. His diverse instrumental skills are frequently in demand for TV and film soundtracks, and from various Iranian and Middle Eastern ensembles.

Jon studied music at Exeter College Oxford. He also completed his DPhil there and now lectures in world music at Anglia Ruskin University. His recent publications include The Instrumental Consort Repertory of the Fifteenth Century for Ashgate Press, and a chapter in the forthcoming Cambridge History of Musical Performance.

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