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Audience Feedback

Some comments from our audiences: -


Consummate  artistry, which did not come as a surprise. We all loved it. I was very moved. The world could manage very well on a regular dose of charm like that. Well done! I rather think that my guests are hoping to book you for a Summer evening garden party. I told them not to leave it too long!
M. and C., charity concert organisers

What a super way to have spent Sunday afternoon, listening to you all playing and singing in such a relaxed and joyful way. Joyful definitely is the word…. We were delighted and enthralled.

It was freezing cold in the auditorium, but you definitely warmed us up!! You could feel the audience’s warm response…we loved it.

What a fabulous repertoire, so great to hear so many good tunes. What a treat.
I never realised the Neapolitan repertoire was so melancholic and so beautiful.

During the German song I sat there with tears coming down my face…You have such a beautiful voice…

… a wonderful repertoire, and  so beautifully played….Dazzling musicianship…
S. N.

Thank you very much for telling us about it. The concert was great and lunch was delicious. What a super way to spend Valentine’s Day.
L. and L.

So many thanks for your music ….you have an enchanting voice.
Signor P., Italian regional tourist organisation


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